Lillkrokan - building a new summer cottage

This is where the project begun in mid-April 2007
Trees have been cut and some building material has been carried to the  hill
Early June 2007, some of the pillars are in place
July 22, 2007. The walls start to form ...
Early june 2008, we have been at the island since mid April. The interior starts to shape. Here is the self-made staircase 
Mid October 2008. The wooden floor is in place and it has been lacquered
First weekend in November 2008 - last visit to the island before winter 
My son, 16, built the back porch as a projec twork in shool during a week
in may. He was assisted in the planning by his grandfather, but did carry
out all work by himself.
The balustrade is built on site from standard wood one can get from a timber trade. The painting is still to be done  
The  front porch is ready. 
Front porch view - you can spot the sea between the trees.
Still some painting to do inside, but it is very minor. 
We left the island second weekend in october 2009. During the trip to the shore it started raining and the raindrops grew longer and longer. By the time we arrived at the mainland it was snowing. I have only summer tires on my old VW Käfer - or Beetle if you so prefer - and I tought it  may be a hard drive home, but the snow turned into rain some 30 km down the road home.
No more snow until December in southern Finland, and we could have spent the weekends until end of November on the island - temperatures being over the freezing point.
Building material arrived in the end of April 2007
Here you can see the staircase up the hill from the shore. Everything has to be carried by hand
Jume 10, 2007. Now you can see how the floor starts to form
July 29, 2007.A wiev from halfway down the stairs
Beginning of October 2008. The interior wooden walls have been completed and about two thirds of the bricks behind the fireplace is in place. 
Almost all electrical wiring has been completed and the elecrical heating system is connected.  
First weekend in November 2008. The staircase has been stained and lacquered
Eastern holidays early April 2009. We were the second boat out of the
harbor on the mainland. The sound was like ice in a nice drink.
The kitchen starts to take shape. The stove is a LPG one - ideal for cooking,
many professional chefs prefer gas stoves over electrical ones.
The strairs on the front are getting into shape - still a lot to do.
 Another view of the front porch.
View from the backporch towards the front.
Last, but not least, the view from the frontporch to the sea.